Hospital Playlist episode 3 live stream details: Promos tease tension between 5 friends

The tvN medical drama is gradually changing its pace and getting deeper into the 20-year-old friendship between five middle-aged doctors.

Hospital Playlist, which is also known as A Wise Doctor's Life, will be back with a new episode on tvN next Thursday, March 26, at 10pm KST. The medical drama, starring Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung and Jeon Mi Do in lead roles, will reveal new details about the 20-year-old friendship between the five main characters in episode 3.

Before getting into the details of the upcoming episode, here is a quick recap on episode 2. The second episode began with a complicated case of a child. Then, the episode gradually shifted its focus into various challenges faced by the five main characters in their professional lives. The sequences were filled with some humorous scenes.

In between, viewers also learned more about the lead actors, like Kim Dae Myung's character gynecologist Yang Seok Hyung is a divorcee and Jo Jung Suk's character hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgeon Lee Ik Joon is a married man. Another revelation that was made by the lead characters in episode 2 was about the one-sided love of Yang Seok Hyung and how it ended up when he confessed it to Jeon Mi Do's character neurologist Chae Song Hwa.

What to expect in Hospital Playlist episode 3

The upcoming episode of the medical drama is likely to begin with some fun-filled sequences as the promos hint at a one-day outing for the doctors. In the videos, the doctors can be seen getting ready to take a day off from their busy schedules to do what they love to do the most. However, the happy moments may not last long as the promos show tension building up between the lead characters.

A Wise Doctor's Life

The central of attraction in episode 3 is likely to be Jo Jung Suk's character as the promo videos show his friends talking about him. According to the clips, there is something that is bothering him and his friends are curious to know about it. But he is not willing to share his problems with them and it could eventually result in a conflict.

To know more about the conflict, Korean drama lovers worldwide will have to watch the upcoming chapter on tvN next Thursday at 10pm KST. The third episode is scheduled to air on March 26 and it can be streamed on the official website for the broadcasting network at the same time. In order to watch the chapter with subtitles, Kdrama fans will have to check out various streaming sites.

Watch the promo videos for Hospital Playlist episode 3 below:

This article was first published on March 20, 2020