Winter care: 7 foods to avoid this cold season

Seven foods which are to be avoided this winter as advised by health specialist Bhavishva Wadhwan.

Foods to avoid in winter
Foods to avoid in winter Pixabay

Dry fruits, nuts, ginger, green vegetables in our daily meal is healthful; but consuming red meat and high quantity of dairy products should be avoided to maintain a healthy body in winter, claimed experts.

Here are seven foods which are to be avoided in cold weather as advised by Bhavishva Wadhwan, Founder at 98FIT and Neha Ranglani Nutritionist and lifestyle educator.

Milk products/ Dairy products

Milk products
Milk products Pixabay

If we look from the nutritional point of view, milk or daily products are healthy food. In fact, it is considered as a complete food. However, it is recommended not to consume more of dairy products as it causes phlegm. Milk product can thicken the existing phlegm in the body causing irritation in the throat.

Hot/cold drinks

A cappuccino coffee cup is seen at Moko cafe in Warsaw
A cappuccino coffee cup is seen at Moko cafe in Warsaw Reuters

Who wouldn't love to sip a cup of hot coffee/ hot chocolate during cold weather? Despite it, one should keep in mind that these products contain huge amount of caffeine and fats in it. These drinks dehydrate your body which leads to thickening of mucus.

We should try to reduce caffeine in our diet and opt for water or herbal fusions instead.

Red meat

Foodies can get a glimpse of Singapore's best street food
A plate of $5 satay (skewered meat) is seen at Asli Satay Club at Lau Pa Sat food centre in Singapore July 29, 2016. Reuters

It is always safe to choose organic meat than processed. Though meat and egg are the primary source of protein, the high protein may cause thickening of mucus in the throat.

One may switch to organic meat such as fish and poultry as they are safer to consume compared to processed meat.

Fried food

greasy food
Greasy food piabay

Fried food are very tempting and taste delicious too, but it contain very less food value. Fried food are a source of fat and increase your total calorie consumption. These foods may even cause trouble in your stomach and other parts of the body.

Non-seasonal fruits

Fruits Pixabay

Fruits which are available during off-season aren't good for health, as they are not meant to bear in that particular season. Consuming fruits which aren't fresh may cause a lot of health issues and sickness in winter. However, if you take more citrus fruits, it helps to boost your metabolism.


Coconut sugar
Coconut sugar Pixabay

Experts have claimed that cold weather and hot chocolate go hand in hand but they also believe that consuming high amount of sugary items may weaken the immune system of the body.

High amount of sugar in the body lowers the potential of the body to combat bacteria. However water contains numerous health benefits and can help fight aginst bacteria.


Champagne, Sparkling wine
Champagne, Sparkling wine piabay

Most of the people tend to drink less water in winter. Hence, their body becomes dehydrated due to the lack of water. In order to combat the cold temperature, people tend to drink alcohol which helps to warm up their body fast. However, alcohol can dehydrate your body hugely. Dehydration causes many health issues especially in winter.

Furthermore, consuming alcohol increases the body temperature fast,and your body may end up catching cold during winter.