Winner of doughnut-eating contest arrested for stealing same dessert

Doughnut-eating contest winner tracked down due to popularity

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A person who gained national attention after winning a doughnut-eating contest has once again grabbed headlines, but this time for robbing a doughnut shop.

Four years ago, Bradley Hardison won a police-sponsored doughnut-eating contest that helped police to find him and charge him for his crimes.

Hardison from Elizabeth City, who is now 27, was charged with felony for breaking and entering Dunkin' Donut on Thursday, January 18. According to the Elizabeth City Police Department, the incident took place on November 21.

Hardison won a doughnut eating contest in 2014 at the Elizabeth City Police Department National Night Out Against Crime event. As per reports, he finished eight donuts in two minutes. Back in 2013, three break-ins took place and police suspected Hardison for the crime. They had been looking for him for months. But, the police could easily locate him and arrest him as by then he was a local celebrity.

As per state records, Hardison was confronted with his earlier crimes and also put for three years in jail. His suspension came to an end in October 2017. Hardison is now being held on felony charges for breaking and entering, safecracking and larceny of Dunkin' Donuts. For his latest charges, Hardison is being held under a $7,000 bond.

Dunkin' Donuts seems to be the place for all the doughnut lovers. In 2017 the South Florida criminal stuntman John Robert Hill, who goes by the name @Boonk on Instagram was charged with burglary after stealing $40 tray of donuts. This illegal act was captured in a video as well and it went viral. In the video, Boonk went on yelling "I'm the f***g savage!" while picking up trays from the shop.