Winn AI is Every Salesperson's Wingman


Often, a salesperson's duty is to multitask. From context and app switching, filling out CRM, and admin-related tasks, to the actual sales process, their responsibilities are oftentimes overlooked with no efficient optimization to back them up. For many years, this has been a slippery slope that hinders maximal efficiency in sales processes and cycles. Whether it's longer onboarding ramp-time, playbook inconsistencies, or delays in customer record updates, the sidetracks that sales teams have to continuously navigate pre and post-sales are insurmountable.

For the past decades, this was considered the norm that sales reps simply need to get used to as a part of their job description. But as more advanced solutions and modern technological capabilities emerge, every salesperson might just have the wingman they deserve a wingman that a) eases their tasks, b) guides them step-by-step, c) pivots sales conversations to make sure they're on the right track, and d) protects them from risks.

Winn.AI, a startup that builds an artificial intelligence-based personal assistant for salespeople, aims to be the wingman that every salesperson needs. From real-time data capture to automated CRM updates, this intelligent tool is committed to overhauling outdated sales practices and transforming complexities into opportunities.

Real-Time Data Capture

One of the most tedious tasks of a salesperson is manually updating the CRM. Not only does it take too much time, but it also veers them away from their focus, which is selling products. While this process is standard, it dilutes their momentum to answer queries, build customer rapport, and possibly convert prospects.

This is where Winn.AI comes into the picture: this sales assistant joins virtual meetings, takes notes on behalf of the salesperson, and automatically updates the CRM once the call is done, allowing them to do what they do best: sell. Its real-time data capture feature understands and automatically captures prospects' answers, and imports all information to Salesforce or HubSpot with one click.

Real-Time Playbook Tracking

One of the intelligent features that Winn.AI provides is its ability to inform salespeople of the talking points they need to cover. This cutting-edge playbook can be easily adapted in one click, automatically tracking conversations in real-time and telling reps which points still need to be addressed and cross out which you've already discussed. Through this, they can eliminate unnecessary back-and-forths, keep the pace efficient, make the content succinct, and solely focus on the customer.

Real-Time Sales Insights

A major hiccup that sales teams encounter is the spontaneity of customer queries. More often than not, prospects would ask questions that are beyond the scope of what reps initially prepared. Not only is it a major detractor that could potentially reduce the chance of conversion, but all the I'll get back to you on that is also time-consuming and flow disruptive. What's more, it diminishes a sales rep's level of authority in knowing the ins and outs of the product. Winn.AI detects and interprets their questions in real-time and discreetly feeds the sales reps the information they need to keep the ball rolling.


Eliminating distractions is helpful, but doing the heavy lifting in sales processes is revolutionary. With its state-of-the-art, AI-powered technological capability, Winn.AI is set to disrupt the sales landscape in a multitude of ways. This movement doesn't just ease the lives of sales teams but also optimizes customer experience as a whole.