Windows Fall Creators Update: Four new features arriving with Build 16251

Here are four more additional features for Windows Fall Creators Update.

Over a month before Microsoft officially rolls out the final version of Windows Fall Creators Update, there has still been a few features the company continues to unveil. This proves that the next Windows update is ensured packed with new and improved features. Just this week, Microsoft has announced four more features making it to Build 16251 in September.

Cortana adds additional pane for search results

When users ask Cortana to search the internet, the assistant will have to launch the Microsoft Edge to display the answer. Microsoft cuts the process short this time and answers will soon be displaying an additional page when the users hover over a specific search result, which works as a web page with some of Bing's navigation controls. The downside though is that Cortana will no longer be launching immediately a web page.

Cortana is fully enabled to turn off

Cortana currently has the ability to turn off the machine through speech command. With Build 16251, the assistant has been "fully enabled" by Microsoft, giving users the ability to lock, log out, shut down, and turn off the PC through it. To ensure the assistant is not falsely instructed to do any of these tasks, Microsoft puts in additional oral confirmation.

'Pick up where you left off'

Microsoft has enabled the web browsers to "pick up where you left off"—from PC to an Android phone and vice versa. Once the user drops the web page on the phone, for example, the page will prompt two options: continue later or continue now. Continue later stores the web page within the Action Center, while Continue now automatically launches the web page within Edge.

No more login in boot process

Boot process takes time. With Windows Fall Creators Update, Microsoft streamlines it when it forces the PC to shut down for a software and security update by ditching the login process. Microsoft also gives users the option to do so by normal power shut down right through the Start menu.

Windows Fall Creators Update is slated to roll out in September.