Microsoft plans to integrate Robot OS with Windows 10
Microsoft plans to integrate Robot OS with Windows 10 Microsoft

The Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update seemed to cause more troubles than help to Microsoft loyal customers including random reboots to some.

After giving an urgent call to all Microsoft users to have their devices updated to the latest Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update to prevent the operating system vulnerabilities from being exploited, the software giant is now faced with complaints from disgruntled users.

Update Failed

Comments and complaints are now flooding Reddit from customers who have been affected by the Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update problems. The most common among the comments in the thread talk about their experience in trying to install the update. As of this writing, the comments and reactions reached more than a hundred.

The community of Microsoft customers trying to install the Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update sent an almost common response. They said that are receiving error messages such as 0x800f0982, 0xe0000100, and 0x80073701 upon trying to update.

Random Reboot

Although there are some Microsoft customers that succeeded in installing the Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update, they are not spared of the headache. Reddit, as well as forum comments, reveal that there are some successfully updated devices that randomly reboots after the installation.

This isn't the first time.

Disappointed Microsoft customers reminded the software giant that this is not the first time that they went through such a dilemma. The Windows 10 May cumulative update brought an almost similar issue. They found it hard to install the Windows May 2019 update. Back in October last year, cases of installation trouble have also been reported on the 2018 update.

What Can Microsoft Customers Do Now?

Luckily, one user suggested a temporary solution that might pacify the situation. One comment suggested that if the Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update failure continues, users may download and try to install the update as a standalone package and not directly from through the Windows update.

Meanwhile, for those who have not attempted an update yet or have repeatedly ignored their devices alert to update their Windows 10 now, a pause update for now option could be the best thing to do.

Microsoft has yet to release any statement on the Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update problem.

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