William Wang and his Co-founders host the event of the Piling ceremony of Tha Chang at DMK Avenue

Piling ceremony

DMK Avenue introduces new space for leisure, dining, shopping, and other services. In the latest record, on the 30th of November, DMK avenue hosted the setting up of the first pillar of Tha Chang Donmueang. Tha Chang is a relaxed live music venue famous among visitors in Chiang Mai and has been hosting thousands of customers. The presence of the founders and several influential people in the real estate industry graced the ceremony.

The piling ceremony was organized according to the local Thai culture and was led by Buddhist monks who inaugurated the first piling laying the foundation. This ceremony is hosted to bring success to the project, the construction team, and all stakeholders involved. It also marks the start of civil works at the site. A crowd of spectators gathered at DMK Avenue to witness the piling ceremony of Tha Chang, a new high-rise development in the heart of the city.

Representatives from the developer, DMK Avenue, were on hand to give a brief overview of the project and thank those in attendance for their support. The ceremony began with a traditional Buddhist blessing, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially mark the beginning of construction. Tha chang is the most famous local nightclub brand. The mall is a low rise building and and right next to the airport leading people on the plane that arrives Thailand is able to see the exclusive DMK Avenue building out of their window.

Furthermore, Tha Chang will be part of the flagship DMK Avenue. DMK Avenue is a community mall right next to Don Mueang International Airport. The mall is currently under development and is a new landmark for international and domestic tourists in Bangkok, Thailand. According to the founders of DMK Avenue, William Wang, Jonah Ng, and Panitan Samee, the project is expected to be completed within the next year in 2023. It will boost the local economy, creating hundreds of jobs and new businesses.

The ceremony ended with a reception, where attendees could mingle and learn more about the project from the development team. Overall, the piling ceremony of Tha Chang at DMK Avenue was a success, and the community is looking forward to the completion of this exciting new development.

About the organization – DMK Avenue

DMK Avenue introduces the population to a new world of leisure, dining, shopping, and other services, ranging from authentic Japanese cuisine to the latest sales outlets. Spanning over 44,800 square meters, DMK Avenue comprises multiple shops and a sizeable wholesale-retail market with an area of 9,600 square meters that can accommodate more than 500 stalls.

The shopping mall of DMK Avenue is strategically located and will have the metro line going through it. Besides its wholesale and retail market, the shopping mall will consist of multiple restaurants, beverage shops, tutoring institutes, and franchise businesses.

For further information, visit https://dmkavenue.space/.