Will 'Yummy Mummies' have a third season on Netflix?

The Netflix Original reality show which is created by Seven Productions is compared with The Real Housewives of Atlanta and is mixed with Kardashians

Yummy Mummies will reach you on November 12th Netflix

The most awaited reality series 'Yummy Mummies' is finally series is ready to come back with much more fun, comedy, and entertainment. The Netflix Original reality show is created by Seven Productions. Usually, this series is being compared with The Real Housewives of Atlanta and is mixed with Kardashians.

'Yummy Mummies' is a story of four women (expectant mothers with lavish lifestyles) in which they are going to make grand preparations for their new arrivals that means their babies. From bouquets of money to horse-drawn carriages and opulent baby showers, their spendings has no end. Despite the Australian library already having two seasons of the series. It has been advertised that the second season of Yummy Mummies will arrive on November 12.

Thanks to a confusing listing on Netflix Australia, we could see the third season of Yummy Mummies arrive on Netflix soon. This could be a mistake or a typo on the production company's part. The series is still listed with only twenty episodes across two seasons.

Just after the confusion Social platforms filled with the many reactions. Have a look

We are still waiting for the official confirmation from Netflix Australia on the 'new season' arriving on November 12. Episodes of the third season haven't yet aired in Australia. Which means that we can't say yet whether or not Season 3 will arrive in Australia or not. But let's hope for the best.

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