Will Volcanic Chain Reaction Mark End of the World? Check Out What This Expert Once Said

Petranek revealed that four out of the 11 mass extinction events that happened in the earth were due to volcanic eruptions

Krakatau Volcano
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Several top scientists strongly believe that the world will face an inevitable doomsday one day or the other, and it is just a matter of time as life will be wiped out from the surface of this blue planet. Scientists have hypothesized several possible scenarios that could trigger the world end, and the most popular ones being asteroid hits, alien invasion, and the outbreak of deadly pandemics.

However, one top expert believes that doomsday on the earth will be triggered following a huge volcanic eruption that could set off a chain reaction across the world.

How Volcanic Eruption could Trigger Chain Reaction?

This dire warning of possible world end was issued by American author Stephen Petranek during a 2014 Ted Talk (See video below). During the speech, Petranek claimed that the planet in which we live is not stable, as the surface of the earth is actually floating on molten rock.

"We do not live on a nice, stable solid planet. It is mostly molten rock and iron and it has a nuclear reactor in the center of it that keeps it hot. We're, like, on these life rafts floating overall this molten rock. Earth's crust is so constantly folding in on itself that we cannot find a stone on the surface of the Earth that is as old as the planet. 98 percent of all the species on Earth have gone extinct and volcanoes are the biggest reason why," said Petranek.

The author also claimed that four out of the 11 mass extinction events that happened on the earth were triggered by violent volcanic eruptions. Accprdomh to Petranek, violent volcanic eruptions will spew debris to the earth's atmosphere which could result in a nuclear winter that could last for many years.

"Volcanic activity fills the sky with soot and hot ash and buries every living thing and blocks the sun for so many summers, the plants on land and plankton in the sea die, and when they die, we die," added Petranek.

Doomsday Threats from Deep Space

Even though volcanic eruptions could trigger a mass extinction event on earth, top space scientist Dr Iain McDonald believes that the most likely doomsday scenario will happen on earth following an asteroid hit.

According to McDonald, devastating events like asteroid hits are not confined to the past, and it will happen in the future too. Popular American physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson also believes in a similar theory, and he believes that the end of the world will happen when a rogue space rock hits the earth in its full fury.