Will Smith Resigns From Academy Before Expulsion? What Happens Next for His Best Actor Oscar?

In yet another dramatic turn, Will Smith has resigned from the Academy further adding to the ongoing chatter on the social media.

Smith's resignation followed by his emotive note wherein he termed his action as a direct response to the Academy's disciplinary hearing notice has once again resulted in a war of words between his supporters and critics.

Smith's slapping incident had not just stolen the show during the Oscars but the prolonged aftermath fails to die down even after a week.

Chris Rock face pad
The photograph that appears to show Chris Rock wearing a face pad when Will Smith slapped him Twitter

A large number of celebrities have expressed annoyance stating that this year's Academy Awards did not speak about the brilliance of work but was restricted to the "slapping incident".

Undying Chatter On Social Media

As reported in Daily Mail, Smith, in a statement issued to the Variety, called his actions during the ceremony 'shocking, painful and inexcusable,' adding that he would accept any additional consequences the Academy's Board of Governors deemed appropriate.

Going on with his emotional outburst Smith further stated that he was heartbroken for having caused hurt to his friends, fans, most importantly to Chris and his family.

As pointed by some of the critics on social media, Smith's resignation is being looked upon as his move to save "further embarrassment" that he has subjected himself to after slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

"Why did Smith wait for the disciplinary hearing notice by Academy to submit his resignation?" is indeed a million- dollar question.

A Twitter user stated, "Will Smith resigns from the Academy https://share.newsbreak.com/sc0kp5qa this is very sad for Mr. Smith. The slap has caused a lot of pain for all. To lose his position on the board for a career movie star is like a dishonorable discharge from the military."

"Will Smith resigns from the Academy over Chris Rock slap at Oscars: 'I am heartbroken: A life of beautiful work should not be erased by one emotional break down All of us have had that moment?" shared another user.

A user opined, "Damage control mode for Smith as he still wants to make millions from films. The hero here is Chris Rock. Will Smith resigns from Hollywood film academy over Chris Rock slap - The Globe and Mail