Will Smith joins Helen Mirren, Chris Martin to support The World's Big Sleep Out campaign

The philanthropic actor has extended his support towards the charity campaign that aims to raise money and awareness for homeless and displaced people

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Actor Will Smith poses as he arrives for the New York premiere of the film "Concussion" in the Manhattan borough of New York City, December 16, 2015 Reuters

Will Smith is definitely known to have a heart of gold, and the generous actor has now extended his support for the World's Big Sleep Out campaign along with actress Dame Helen Mirren and singer Chris Martin to raise money for the homeless.

The 51-year-old actor has urged people to think about what 'home' means to them in the new campaign video for the World's Big Sleep Out, which is a charity event where people will voluntarily sleep out on the streets for one night, so as to raise money and awareness for millions of homeless and displaced people.

The Gemini Man star said in the video campaign, "Think for a minute about what home means to you. To me, home means conversation. It's the place where my family comes together, and that's the most beautiful part of a home. But there are over 100 million people in the world that don't have a place to call home."

Along with the Men In Black actor, Dame Helen Mirren and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin have also decided to lend their support towards the worthy cause, and Mirren even extended her support via the campaign video, informing people about the event which will take place on December 7.

She said, "On December 7 2019, we are hoping for 50,000 people to sleep out in the world's largest display of solidarity and support for homeless and displaced people. Major sleep out events will be happening in Trafalgar Square, in Times Square, and in 50 cities across the world."

As per reports, the World's Big Sleep Out campaign plans to raise a whopping $50 million for the cause, and taking part in the campaign is as simple as sleeping outside your house in your own garden even.

Josh Littlejohn, the founder of this worthwhile campaign, said: "We're asking you to come and join us, whether you're sleeping out at an official event, or you're hosting your own 'Sleep Out' in your back garden."

He continued, "For one night, let's walk in the shoes of people that we would normally walk past, and let's try and raise $50 million to make a difference to people in your area and all around the world."