Will the legend of Nokia 3310 see its comeback?

Nokia 3310 is truly a legendary phone that deserves a revival from HMD Global.

nokia 3310
Concept Creator has shared two concept videos of the Nokia 3310, which is expected to make a comeback. The videos show what features the upcoming mobile phone may sport Concept Creator

HMD Global is at the verge of reviving Nokia's brand value as several pundits contemplate the idea of bringing back the 3310 to signal the comeback of this legendary smartphone maker.

Nokia 3310 was undoubtedly a rugged and durable phone. Its nostalgic hangover left with us reminds us of this legend. Memes still do date, compare Nokia 3310 as a something that could break rocks and if you threw it at a truck, that truck would be quashed.

That's exaggerating things to a different level but no one can disagree that this phone could endure enough torture. If you even by mistake dropped it from a one storied building, the odds are you could just pick it up and use it again.

Nokia 3310, was a beast when it came to battery life, and despite its meek configuration it could last two full days on a full charge under moderate usage conditions. It is even hard to imagine that with a modern day phone where the battery drains from the moment it is taken out of the socket.

Nokia 3310 may not quench the thirst of power-hungry users, but it could serve as their backup phone, owing to the fact that you might encounter situations where your primary phone's battery juice runs out.

At an estimated low pricing, the phone serves a myriad of purposes like giving one to the toddler, or giving it to your grandfather who could do with a simple phone and stop complaining of the complexity with modern day phones. With the phone's basic purpose still being a means of communication, Nokia 3310 fits the bill just fine.

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