Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges YouTube grab

If 'The Dude' is returning then it has to be big news.

One of the most iconic cult classics by the Coen brothers that gave us the most lovable character "The Dude" played by Jeff Bridges seems is going to make a comeback this year. Although it is not confirmed yet, the chances of a 'yes' are high.

Jeff Bridges recently took to Twitter and posted a 15-second long snippet with the caption, "Can't be living in the past, man."

'The Dude' walks into a room with broken plates and glasses strewn all over the floor. As the camera pans up, we get a glimpse of that sweater, that iconic loose low hanging sweater that Jeff Bridges has made it popular. The camera then shows Jeff Bridges, who chuckles and then walks away. Cut. The next scene shows a tumbleweed that blows across an L.A. street and reveals the date 2.3.19. "Stay tuned" the actor added.

Well, it is not sure what is that date for, but football fans were quick to realise that it was Super Bowl Sunday date. Now, everyone is making guesses that it might be the date when the trailer for the latest Coen brothers will be shown on that day.

While others are guessing that it is Super Bowl commercial. Now, that is not something out of the blue. There have been instances in the past where advertising agencies have taken to Big game ads like they're actually major releases. For example, last year Australia tourism did an ad that felt like a 'Crocodile Dundee' sequel will release. It had Danny McBride, Chris Hemsworth, and it all felt so real. If Danny was not saying, "This is a tourism ad, right?", as many times as possible, then people would have been eagerly waiting for the comedy movie.

Though, this is not the first time that Bridges has reprised the role for the first time, during 2017 Hollywood walk of fame, when John Goodman was conducted the award, Bridges had turned up at the event as the 'Lebowski' character to 'eulogize' his fellow character with Walter's speech from Lebowski.

But, given Bridges has expressed his desire to reprise the role in the future, and 'Going Places' will be releasing this year with John Turturro as Jesus Quintana. Maybe, just maybe, the tease is related to that project. Who knows? Whatever it will be – we will have to wait till February 3.