Will Former President George Bush Endorse Joe Biden Against Trump?

Trump and Bush have an uneasy relationship. Trump had blamed Bush for the 9/11 terror attacks.

Things seem to be getting slightly difficult for US President Donald Trump, who intends to return for a second term at the White House. Developments such as the violent protests over the killing of George Floyd and the U.S. becoming the epicenter of coronavirus appear to have created tough challenges for Trump.

On Monday, Trump remained focused on his re-election bid even as protests raged across the country. He tweeted NOVEMBER 3rd, referring to the election day. Trump is facing off against Democrat Joe Biden in the November election.

Will Pandemic Shatter Trump's Hopes?

With all eyes focused on the way Trump 'mishandled' the COVID-19 situation, analysts feel that former president George W Bush, a Republican, might offer support to Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Trump had initially refused to acknowledge the severity of the pandemic, while some of his tweets and actions in the wake of the recent protests over the death of George Floyd were seen as 'insensitive'.

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As the pandemic struck the U.S. and left the health experts scurrying for medical equipment and protective gear to fight the battle, an old clip of Bush's speech warning of an impending pandemic went viral. During his speech at the National Institutes of Health in 2005, the former president had warned about being prepared for a pandemic. "It is vital that our nation discuss and address the threat of pandemic flu now. There is no pandemic flu in our country or in the world at this time — but if we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare, and one day many lives could be needlessly lost because we failed to act today," he said in his address.

Apparently, Bush is also not happy with Trump's attitude towards the immigrants and the policies adopted against them by the Trump administration. During a speech in 2017, Bush, without mentioning Trump's name, said that Republicans have a history of welcoming immigrants, people with "talent, energy and enterprise from all over the world," and noted that "people of every race, religion and ethnicity can be fully and equally American."

Love-Hate Relationship With Bush Might Prove Dear for Trump

Fox News analyst Juan Williams, in his op-ed article for The Hill, talked about how an endorsement from George W. Bush could change the chances for Joe Biden in the 2020 elections. "If he announces he is voting for Biden, it will change some votes," Williams said, pointing at the possibility amid a simmering feud between Bush and Trump.

Bigotry seems emboldened: George W Bush aims veiled criticism at Donald Trump

According to the article, Bush's voice is strong enough to reach moderate Republicans and Republican-leaning independent voters, freeing them to walk away from the Party of Trump. The outlet reported that the former president did not cast his vote in favour of Trump during the 2016 Presidential elections. Bush did not vote for Trump's rival, Hillary Clinton, either.

Things have never been well between Trump and his last Republican predecessor Bush. Recently, the wounds were exposed to the public after Trump lashed out Bush for urging US citizens for bipartisan unity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, earlier last month.

In a tweet, Trump wrote: "Oh bye the way, I appreciate the message from former President Bush, but where was he during Impeachment calling for putting partisanship aside." @foxandfriends He was nowhere to be found in speaking up against the greatest Hoax in American history!"

In the past Trump also blamed Bush for the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. According to the outlet, during a speech in 2016, Trump said: "I've heard for years he kept the country safe after 9/11 — what does that mean? ... What about during 9/11? ... The worst attack ever in this country. It was during his presidency. I mean, we had the worst attack ever."

Trump's open hatred against former US President Barack Obama, who shares a close bond with Bush, might also add fuel to the fire. From pushing the debunked "Obamagate" conspiracy to not inviting Obama to the White House for his official portrait unveiling, a custom followed for years, Trump is certainly rubbing the predecessors the wrong way.

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