Will Dogecoin Lose Its Meme Coin Crown To Rising Cryptos Pepe and DogeMiyagi?

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In the old days, all you needed for a successful crypto project was a clear roadmap, a quality development team, and a decentralized finance concept that would work. However, these days, teams behind new projects need more character and a back story to compete in a growing market with digital expression.

There is no doubt that meme coins are on the rise as investors increasingly choose tokens with a story; you see an upsurge in new meme-coin projects. This article will discuss if the new meme coins Pepe (PEPE) and DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI) have the team and concept that will topple the meme coin king Dogecoin (DOGE) and if this means the future of cryptocurrency is in meme-coin investment.

Can Dogecoin Doge Disaster?

It's no secret that in 2013, two meme coin visionaries named Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus created the first successful meme coin to rank high on the index. The story goes that they started the project as a joke and then defined a crypto genre. The open-ended structure proved a lucrative alternative to Bitcoin and secured Dogecoin's place on the index for the next ten years.

Dogecoin has recently experienced hard times in a volatile market, with the significant whale activity from a few weeks ago a distant memory; the DOGE needs a rebound. The positive few weeks forecast for Dogecoin is over, and this might leave space for projects like Pepe to take advantage.

Can PEPE Jump Higher?

The well-known "Pepe the Frog" character was created in 2005 in the comic 'Boy's Life' drawn by famous illustrator Matt Furie. The timeline of Pepe has an unconventional path, as the popular character was often used in comics, hate memes, and then returned to a happy-go-lucky frog and launched as a meme coin in 2023.

A few weeks ago, a whale named "Machi Big Brother" purchased 66 billion PEPE over three days, sparking a fury of investments. Since then, forecasters have been hailing the future of this new meme coin and what this now means for established tokens like Dogecoin. PEPE has dropped 4.89% over the past seven days, but market capitalization is $620,315,468.

DogeMiyagi: The Doge With a Tash

If you love the 80s, Karate, and decentralized digital finance, then DogeMiyagi is the token for you. In the Karate Kid films, Mr Miyagi helped Daniel San to understand morality and hard work, whilst DogeMiyagi will look to grow and enhance its community and increase profitably for all.

This community-driven character is fast becoming one of the most popular crypto projects waiting for launch. This new presale token DogeMiyagi aims to create a robust ecosystem of investors with its Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) helping to evolve the project for the greater good of the whole.

The road map of DogeMiyagi has been one of the reasons for the hype and investor adoption. The new meme coin plans to incorporate NFTs and customer loyalty programs like the DogeMiyagi Token Referral Program; if someone purchases MIYAGI with the code you're provided, you'll receive a 10% commission!

Final Thoughts

It's been no easy task to forecast the fortunes of crypto projects during 2023, with endless bulls and bears lurking around every corner. The startling reality that has become a prevalent factor this year is the rise of meme coins. Can Dogecoin be toppled off the meme coin top spot? Pepe and DogeMiyagi are hot on their heels, and it seems only a matter of time.

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This article was first published on May 25, 2023