Will Descendants of the Sun actor Song Joong-Ki take a break from showbiz?

Repeated invasions into his privacy, the latest over his new Seoul home, push the actor to limits, rumour mills say.

The 'Descendants of the Sun' actor, Song Joong-Ki, has revealed he doesn't like people asking personal questions. He has said he's irritated each time his privacy is compromised.

While a number of fans around the globe feel that Song is really enjoying his fame and popularity right now, after the global success of the hit Korean drama, 'Descendants of the Sun', it seems the 30-year-old actor might have realized that he actually does not like fame and publicity. He is having a fear of losing his privacy because of this fame.

Now, several fans have started speculating that the actor might be taking a break from this showbiz world, but will that be a wise decision for his career?

Although Song had started working in different roles since 2008, the success of the ''Descendants of the Sun' undeniably added a new high to his career. He has started getting innumerable offers for different projects and commercials.

The Gamen Guide reports that there was noise about the latest issue of the Woman Sense's instigating the actor's decision of taking a break. The publication revealed details about Song Joong Ki's new house in Bangbae-dong, Seoul named as an "S" villa. They estimated the Song Joong-ki pad costs 2.5 billion won ($2.2 million) with around 226 square meters of floor area.

Fans believe that the most-recent invasion of the actor's privacy was the unveiling of details about his new house and this could possibly push Song to take a break. Till now, Song Joong-ki's management has not commented anything on these reports.

Recently, in a press conference the actor confirmed that he is extremely busy working on two upcoming projects titled, 'Detective Hong Gil-dong' and 'Battleship Island'. He said: "I really want to do a period piece set in the Japanese occupation era. With this film, I've cleared one longtime goal."

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