Will CM Punk return to WWE? Here is what Steve Austin says

CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin
CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE

Steve Austin has responded to the rumours pertaining to CM Punk's possible return to WWE. Indeed, he has claimed to be a fan of the latter and excited to see in the sports-entertainment show.

In an interview with ESPN, Austin has left the decision on re-entering the show to CM Punk itself. "Pure speculation, but he's certainly young enough and in good enough shape to do it. I know that he's still doing his MMA training, so I know that means he's in shape. I don't know, that's completely up to CM Punk. But I'm just excited that he's back with the WWE,"

After CM Punk's bitter exit from WWE five years ago, he was seen on the WWE backstage on the Raw backstage although he is under a Fox contract. He will be appearing periodically co-host the show along with Booker T and Renee Young.

Steve Austin admits that both the sides had the hard feelings and things are smoothing up between them. "Some things have been mended. I know there was hard feelings on either side, so the fact that he's back in the fold, I know he loves the business of professional wrestling or sports entertainment,"

Austin claims that CM Punk is a very opinionated person and has a sound knowledge in the business. "He's very opinionated, has a very knowledgeable opinion of the business, because of the roads that he's traveled and the level of success that he's had. And he's a really smart guy and he's a great promo and a great analytical mind," he adds.

"So, I'm glad that he's back. I hope that he enjoys his ride. It's good to see him and WWE have mended whatever happened back in the day. I'm excited for him, because I'm a CM Punk fan and I always have been. I'm happy for the guy," he ends on the note by saying that he is a fan of Punk.