Will Chicago Cops Release Video Footage After Shooting Dead 13-Year-Old Boy?

Chicago police fatally shot 13-year-old boy in an armed confrontation. The mayor and the family of the victim have demanded the cops to release video of the incident.

In a shocking news, the Chicago cops have shot dead 13-year-old boy in what the police termed as armed confrontation in Little Village. Reacting to a shot spotter alarm early morning on March 29, Chicago police rushed to 2300-block of South Sawyer and shot the boy, who is said to have been armed and trying to flee from police with another suspect.

The Cook County medical examiners have identified the boy as Adam Tiledo of Little Village. Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) have said that it was an armed confrontation and released the photo of a gun allegedly recovered at the scene. The second suspect is identified as 21-year-old Ruben Roman. He is charged in the incident with a misdemeanor for resisting an officer.

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Reason Why COPA Cannot Release Video

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has demanded the police to release the video of the incident, first to the boy's family and then to the public. The COPA has clarified that incident was caught on body camera, but as of now they cannot release the video without a court order as Toledo was a minor.

"Due to the age of the victim, absent the issuance of a court order and pursuant to the Juvenile Court Act (705 ILCS 405/5-905(5)), COPA is prevented from publicly releasing videos involving a juvenile. Materials that can be released including 911 calls, OEMC transmissions, Tactical Response and Incident Reports will be released within 60 days of the incident and in accordance with the City's Video Release Policy," read the COPA statement.

Victim's Mother Demands Justice

Speaking to ABC7, the victim's mother cried out, "He was so full of life. They just took it away from him." She demanded justice and said, "I just want justice. I just want answers. What happened? I just want justice for my son. That's all." She also said that he wanted to become a police officer.

Giving information about the son, she also said that Toledo had the habit of sneaking out at night. She had even filed a missing person's complaint on March 25, 2021. But he is said to have returned home on March 27. But the boy went missing again on March 28.

Toledo's mother questioned COPA: "Why did he shot at him if there's other ways?" Reacting to her plea, COPA released an updated statement and said that they are leaving no stones unturned to release the video of the incident. "COPA is currently making every effort and researching all legal avenues that will allow for the public release of all video materials which capture the tragic fatal shooting of 13 year old Adam Toledo. We are committed to releasing video materials to the extent legally possible and as a part of our commitment to transparency and building public trust," COPA's updated statement read.

The police officer who was involved in shooting has been demoted to desk duty for 30 days. Currently the COPA is investigating the incident. "COPA's commitment to transparency remains unwavering, one of our core values and paramount to our ability to build and sustain trust," the probing agency stated.

Chicago police superintendent David Brown released a statement in this regard and apologized to the family of the victim. "Any loss of life is tragic, especially when it involves youth. On behalf of the entire Chicago Police Department, I extend my condolences to the family of the juvenile, who was fatally shot by a Chicago Police officer in the early morning hours of Monday, March 29, 2021," he said. He also assured that the cops will fully support the investigation being carried out by COPA.