Will Catching COVID-19 and Flu Lead to Fatal Outcomes? South Korea Reports Cases of Double Infection

The KCDC chief stated that the chances of getting infected with the novel coronavirus and influenza are low

South Korea has confirmed cases that are infected with both the coronavirus or COVID-19 and also influenza, according to the South Korea media KBS World. The media organization cited the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday.

The Asian nation discovered cases that have tested positive for both the disease, the KCDC chief Jeong Eun Kyeong stated at a media briefing further adding that the details are going to be revealed after analysis and confirmation.

The chief also stated that there were similar cases overseas as well. The chances of getting infected with influenza and the novel coronavirus are low, and if a person is infected with both the infections whether it will lead to worse symptoms or more fatal outcomes requires more analysis. The chief also mentioned that the government is going to extend this year's flu vaccination to 19 million people and also suggested that the people having chronic diseases need to be actively vaccinated, as reported by CGTN.

COVID-19 and Influenza


According to the WHO, both infections share a similar disease presentation. COVID-19 and influenza both cause respiratory disease. Both the infections get spread with the help of contact, droplets, and fomites. In case of both infections, public health and hygiene measures are pretty much important.

However, the speed of transmission and the incubation period for both the viruses are different, as per the WHO. If a person gets infected with both the viruses then there are chances that the case can turn out to be critical. But further research and analysis will give light to the situation.

South Korea for the last few months witnessed a surge in the coronavirus cases as the country has recorded over 21,000 cases and 344 deaths. The deadly coronavirus outbreak has been spreading like wildfire around the world in recent times. More than 27.5 million people got infected by the novel virus whereas nearly 900,000 people have lost their lives. An effective vaccine to tackle the ready pandemic is expected by the first quarter of 2021.

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