Wildfires Spread in Canada, 140 Active Fires Reported So Far

Wildfires Spread in Canada, 140 Active Fires Reported So Far

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On Monday, the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center disclosed that ten fresh wildfires had ignited, escalating the tally of active fires to 140 across the nation.

Majority of these blazes raged in the western provinces, with British Columbia reporting 46 and Alberta reporting 47, as per details from the Xinhua news agency. Among these, 41 fires were classified as out of control.

Of particular concern is a blaze perilously close to the northern British Columbia town of Fort Nelson, prompting authorities to evacuate 4,700 residents.

The conflagrations have triggered air quality alerts across western Canada, Northwestern Ontario, and several northern U.S. states. Reports indicate that smoke from the wildfires in British Columbia and Alberta is anticipated to reach Ottawa, the capital city, by Tuesday.

The Canadian government has issued warnings regarding heightened wildfire risks due to above-average temperatures nationwide.

In 2023, Canada witnessed its most devastating wildfire season on record. According to the Canadian National Fire Database, a staggering 7,131 fires ravaged the country, consuming a record-breaking 17,203,625 hectares of land.