Wife of Hong Sang Soo slams media for quoting her wrongly over Kim Min Hee 'affair'

Director Hong Sang Soo and actress Kim Min Hee are rumoured to have married secretly.

Director Hong Sang Soo's wife has accused media of showcasing her in an unseemly manner. In a recent update over the alleged affair between Hong Sang Soo and actress Kim Min Hee, Mrs Hong stated that the newspapers are reportedly defaming her by presenting her quotes in a fallacious way.

During the July 20 broadcast of Real Story Eye, Mrs Hong dished out details regarding her interaction with various media outlets on the putative relationship between her husband and the 24-year-old actress. The wife said: "After I read the story, I thought, 'They're writing a novel.' I feel like I'm dying."

Refuting the claims of various media reports, Mrs Hong stated: "I didn't say anything but all these exclusive interviews kept popping up everywhere. It's as if I went around blabbering my personal business. Because it seems like I met all these reporters and sat down for interviews, the public is so scornful of me."

The lawful partner of the 56-year-old director also clarified a news report relating to Min Hee's pregnancy. "Kim Min Hee never said to only look after her until her pregnancy. But in interviews, it was made to appear as though I said that. How could they write such a thing. Do people find it believable?" she asked according to AllKPop.

As per reports, Mrs. Hong found out about the affair after she saw her husband's film, Right Now, Wrong Then, starring Min Hee. Though she did not pay much attention to her suspicion at that time, she was devastated when her director husband told the family about him moving out.

Meanwhile, it is been reported that the Hill of Freedom director and the Seoul-born actress have shifted their base to the United States after secretly getting married. However, Mrs Hong refuted the rumours and stated that she has not yet divorced her husband, nor is he a greencard holder to prove his eligibility. "We don't have green cards. It's been twenty years since we gave [our rights to permanent residence benefits] up. My husband can't obtain a green card again. I don't plan to ever divorce him," she said.