Wife Chops Off Sleeping Husband's Penis; Partner Wakes Up At Midnight With Sharp Pain In His Groin

A woman has been sentenced to three years in prison after she chopped off her husband's penis when he was asleep.

Given Chilufya from Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia earlier this month cut off his husband Jimmy Ngulube's penis. Due to a sharp pain in his groin, Ngulube woke up at midnight and saw Chilufya standing over him with a bloody knife .

Ngulube told the court that his wife was also threatening to kill him.

Butcher's knife
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Chilufya Had Accused Her Husband of Cheating On Her

The couple had gone to bed after a row in which Chilufya, 37, had accused her husband of cheating on her. She had then woke up in the night and decided to take her revenge. Jimmy, 43, called his brother who took him to the hospital where the worst of the damage was repaired, according to Daily Star.

Police took Chilufya into custody after they were informed about the incident.

Chilufya Had Shown Clear Intent To Kill Her Husband

Chilufya has been sentenced to three years behind bars for unlawfully wounding her husband on August 26. She begged for leniency but the Kapiri Mposhi Resident Magistrate Arnold Kasongamulilo underlined that she had shown clear intent to kill her husband by attacking and chopping his penis off.

Jimmy is not the only victim of such an incident. John Wayne Bobbit is probably the most famous person involved in such incidents, as his wife Lorena chopped off his penis using an 8-inch carving knife due to years of appalling abuse.

After lopping off the member, Lorena then left her husband bleeding on the floor while she drove off, still holding his bloody penis. After a short time, finding it hard to steer while holding the organ, she threw it out of the car window into a field so she could drive with both hands positioned safely on the wheel, according to Daily Star.

Later, she called the police, telling them the exact location where she had thrown her husband's penis. Police found the item, packed it in ice and took it to the hospital, where medics spent nine hours successfully reattaching the organ.

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