Why you shouldn't play GTA 5 at 3:00 AM and sewer tunnel mystery explained

Recently, YouTubers have thrown more light on the mysterious and haunting sewer tunnels in GTA 5.

GTA 5 Ratman Easter Egg
Why you shouldn't play GTA 5 at 3:00 AM and Sewer tunnel mystery explained YouTube

Prolific YouTuber Sernandoe has showcased some bizarre paranormal events and scary propositions happening in GTA 5 at 3:00 AM as depicted in his latest gameplay video. The underground tunnels or sewers in the game appear to be menacingly haunted at this particular time after midnight, for some reason.

Regardless of whether you are a believer of the dark side or not, here is the gist of strange paranormal happenings in GTA 5 around 3:00 AM:

  • Rumours abound that a mysterious Ratman roams the isolated sewer tunnels at night in GTA 5 while some other theories point to paranormal forces or ghosts taking over the shadiest corners of this tunnel.
  • Just head over to the earmarked location on the map precisely at 3:00 a.m. in the night and you will notice your vehicle lights start flickering.
  • For instance, as Sernandoe admits in his latest video, the lights on his space docker flickered for a while when he passed through a certain point in the underground tunnel. The light bulb on the roof glows blue for a moment as if there's some electromagnetic interference like in the case of paranormal activities.
  • Further down the tunnel, you will hear a strange sound of heart-beat in a rhythmic sequence. Several GTA gamers have attributed this sound to vehicles moving over the tunnel or the sound of a passing train.
  • As the YouTuber explains (using ghost aka no clipping mode), there are no vehicles or trains whatsoever plying on the roof of the tunnel. So, all these theories seem baseless and the mystery continues to haunt players in GTA 5.
  • Sernandoe also points out the creature claw marks near the caged entrance on one side of the sewer wherein it looks like some invisible beast could be caged up behind the bars. Besides, one can also notice broken bars of the ladder just opposite to the caged cell, which fuels further doubts of an invisible beast roaming these sewers in the day or night.
  • Although there are no water bodies inside the sewer tunnel, you will still hear noises of someone walking in the sewer waters at night. The sound is so loud and clear, it is certain that something weird is happening inside these sewers at night.

In related news, the same YouTube reveals the consequences of shooting a rat inside the tunnel wherein you will hear a water-splashing sound every time you kill a rat and then out of nowhere you will hear a man screaming as if reacting to your nocturnal actions.

Evidently, several YouTubers have now hinted that it could be a cleverly hidden Ratman Easter-Egg in GTA 5 while the trigger to unlock it is not yet known. Do let us know in the comments section (below) if you think Rockstar has indeed put some Easter-Eggs in these tunnels or if it is really meant to be a spooky place.