Why you must surround yourself with people who lift you up


When we talk about success, we often mention the importance of skills, personal branding, education, and job performance. But as the conversation progresses with peers, CEOs, or managers over time, it's rare to find someone recognizes another crucial element in a career path: the impact of being surrounded by people who lift you up. Iranian businessman turned lifestyle influencer, Mehdi Mobarakeh, puts it more bluntly: "one can have a great idea, plan, and willingness to work harder than the competitors. But if there's an absence of right people around you, it's hard to succeed."

The young entrepreneur, who now has his base set up in Iran and Turkey, shares why up-and-coming professionals need to pay more attention to with whom they are surrounding themselves with instead of investing time in picking the right outfit for the meeting. Mehdi, who began his career by taking up road and building construction projects and eventually delved into real estate and import-export business, experienced first-hand the different shades, sides, and impact of people who tell the truth as well as the ones who beat us down. He strongly says that we all need a few people in our lives who are completely invested in our success and who are going to be like the "kitchen cabinet" of well-wishers and advisors.

1. They will show you the right path

"Not every person in your life will help you navigate your way to success or move you closer to your goals," says Mehdi. He shares that if the present circle of friends or colleagues are not helping you get where you want to go, it's time to expand your network without abandoning the existing people. "When the right set of people will step into your life, they will stand strong behind you and yet offer you some constructive criticism – not questioning or disbelieving you, but giving advice that may help you," he added.

2. They will inspire you

Having come across different types of people throughout his professional journey, Mehdi believes in the idea of having the presence of people who are successful in their own lives and now willing to extend support to others walking on the same path. He suggests taking advantage of such people, their knowledge, their outlook towards life and success in general, and importantly, how they program their minds. "Such people may or may not be your actual 'team members', but their experience and support can help you find the 'hands-on' business team that will encourage you to grow.

3. They will take less and give more

The right set of people are perhaps the ones who give the most and demand the least. Mehdi states that such are the people who are selfless and shaped to give more than they receive. He, however, adds to this that when incorporating such people in your circle, do not hesitate to inspire them, because they will, in turn, give you more and get you where you want to go. "Angels in disguise or well-wishers, term them anything, without them, you will not be able to break through and build a million-dollar business you're dreaming of. So, once you find such people, preserve them, value them, and grow with them – hand in hand," said Mehdi.

4. They will save you from facing a roadblock

Someone who has done the work, been there, and succeeded at it are the ones you who can and will help you brace yourself to defeat the problems that are awaiting you, feels Mehdi. He says, having someone who has been through a similar journey is always an advantage since you can trust their guidance and words of warning in times of need. "If you have found success in creating a group of people who will stand by you in your highs and lows, rest assured that they will shield you and lift you up if you face a roadblock or tremble," added Mehdi.

As a takeaway for young entrepreneurs or any professionals in the making, Mehdi stresses the importance of creating the aforementioned "kitchen cabinet" that you can brainstorm with, call on, or seek inspiration from, to head in the forward direction.