Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle

WWE legend Kurt Angle spoke on a host of issues in a recent Facebook Q&A, where he revealed a lot about his match with Undertaker in 2006, the much-talked-about love triangle with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and the current scheme of things at the WWE universe.

Speaking about the recent spurt of WWE superstars exiting the scene, Angle said that the primary reason was the game time and despite WWE trying to give every wrestler ample time, there was only so many chances one could afford.

"You need to understand that there are so many talented superstars, but there's only one main event each pay per view. The company tries to utilize each star as much as it can. WWE is not going to please everybody because most of these superstars won't make it to main event level," he said.

Speaks about his recent moves in the ring

"There is only so much room on each show. I honestly think that the talent level is as high as it's ever been right now. And because of that, there will be some unhappy superstars that want [to be] released," he added.

Responding to one of the questions which asked him about his inability to perform his signature moves in the recent past, the Olympic champion said that he has become a lot slower which prevents him from being as agile as before.

"The only thing I can't do is run up to the top rope as I used to when I would deliver a top rope suplex. Anything else I can still do, I'm just not as quick as I used to be," he informed.

He was also very candid in accepting that he would have picked Undertakerover Shaun Michaels at No Way Out in 2006.

"I would say me versus Shawn, but if I would have wrestled Taker at 'Mania, I would pick me vs Taker. It was a top 5 classic."

Earlier in the month, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio revealed that Kurt Angle's WWE career could well end as a retirement match has been planned at WrestleMania 35. However, no opponent has been picked for the feud.