Why will Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix not be streamed on Amazon Prime?

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Joker, the most awaited Hollywood film this year hit the screens on October 4. Well, most of the fans have already watched the movie in the theatres while some of them are not interested to watch in the cinema halls.

There is a section of the audience who are waiting to experience the brilliant performance of Joaquin Phoenix on video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime.

But to the disappointment of that particular section of the audience, the highly-anticipated film may not be coming on Amazon Prime. This is not going to happen at all in the near future. The reason why Joker won't be streamed on Amazon Prime is all because of the HBO and Warner Bros. contract.

Currently, all the movies made under Warner Bros. are available on HBO, so the audience can only watch it on HBO platforms. That is why there are high chances of Joker heading towards streaming on HBO Max, Warner Media's upcoming movie video streaming service.

The fans can't watch Joker until six to nine months from now. All the movies that are slated to come on HBO will have to wait for six to nine months to get premiered on the platform. In some of the cases, the films will have to wait for more than a year. This is all happening as the Warner Bros. wants the audience to watch the film in the theatres and also grab the DVDs before making it available on the online video streaming platforms.

Joker, without any doubt, was one of the most-anticipated films of the year 2019 and there have been a lot of discussions regarding the film for the past few months. It all happened because the character of Joker is a part of the Batman films. Actors like Heath Ledger made the character alive for his portrayal of the Joker, in Batman: The Dark Knight.

This is the first time that the backstory of the character has been narrated in a film portraying the Joker as the protagonist. The narrative of the story revolves around the reason behind the rise of the character and him joining the underworld. Phoenix's film is already doing good at the box office and he is being appreciated for the marvellous performance he has delivered in the film.

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