Why We Should Pay Close Attention to VERIVERY's 'FACE it' Series

K Pop Face it

With their debut being less than two years ago, the VERIVERY group has made immense progress in making their music. The KPOP rookie has a 'FACE it' series, to which everyone should pay close attention, listen, and watch. VERIVERY is spreading powerful messages using music and visuals, which you can identify as you watch a Youtube music video of each song.

What is VERIVERY all about?

VERIVERY made its official debut on 9th January 2019. In 2019, it was all about the 'VERI' series, which sought to emphasize fresh boyhood. The 'VERI' series contained two EPs and a single album. The EPs were VERI-US and VERI-ABLE,' while the album was known as VERI-CHILL.' The lead singles for the above are "Ring Ring Ring," "From Now," and "Tag Tag Tag" respectively, and you can get a YouTube music video of each song.

In 2020, the group took a huge step to elevate their music by expressing deeper emotions in their songs. VERIVERY spread a message of hope and courage to the public in every Youtube music video by using unique colors and their storytelling ability. The group also took part in a television competition, Road to Kingdom. They made it to the final ranking as fifth overall.

What is unique about the 'FACE it' series?

The 'FACE it' series is a trilogy with the EPs; 'FACE ME,' 'FACE YOU,' and 'FACE US.' The EPs' lead singles are "Lay Back," "Thunder," and "G.B.T.B.," respectively. All the songs are available in a YouTube music video. The trilogy uses powerful and robust music and visuals in each YouTube music video to spread VERIVERY's message. The message is about creating a world together and seeks to show that there is a connection between people.

The message is of importance in our contact-free society, which everyone should listen to and appreciate. The Covid-19 is an emerging issue that the 'FACE it' series seeks to address by encouraging the public to overcome the inability to connect.

The latest single, 'G.B.T.B.' explained

On 13th October 2020, VERIVERY released their fifth EP. This EP's lead song is G.B.T.B.,' which shows a more profound meaning characterizing the 'FACE it' series. In explaining G.B.T.B.,' the first thing to understand is the title. G.B.T.B.is an acronym that means 'Go beyond the barriers.' The title shows VERIVERY's ambition to overcome barriers and mark a new start.

The song uses strong visuals that all carry a deeper meaning. As you watch the single's YouTube music video, you can see images of waves, satellites, and the breaking of glass, which we shall expound on their deeper meaning. The pictures of the waves and satellites show that people are connected, and the breaking of glass symbolizes overcoming barriers to connectivity.

The song narrates the story of the group. It is about how the group did form a connection, which was brought about by understanding and empathy. Using the link, the group moves together to a square. Although the group is connected, the personality and character of each individual remain alive. It is a Youtube music video that aims at creatively providing entertainment and teaching the public.

What is the response of the fans to the group?

According to Forbes, VERIVERY has an impact all over the world and also in the US. The key highlight for the group is ranking no. 1 on the week of 31st October 2020, for the latest single 'G.B.T.B.' The group has managed to enhance their effect on the world by ranking on top of BTS. The South Korean brand is one that people are learning to appreciate, and now more than ever, fans should try to dig deep and explore the meaning of the songs they make.

In addition, he successfully debuted at 44th place on the Digital Song Sales chart, one of Billboard's main charts.

What are the key lessons to learn from the 'FACE it' series?

The series has powerful messages that we should keep in mind. One key lesson is the ability to form connectivity while we are far from one another. The series insists that while we come together, everyone should keep their unique character and personality.

Another lesson that has stood out is that although there are barriers to forming connections between each other, we can break and overcome them. All these lessons encourage us to help each other as we approach a specific outcome. In every Youtube music video, there is something to learn and encourage yourself.

Key Takeaway

VERIVERY has shown that there is more to music than entertainment. Music is also a tool to express powerful messages and encourage people. If you do not listen to their music by any chance, it is time to listen to it. VERIVERY deserves your attention, and not just yours, but everyone's. By understanding the messages they convey in their songs, you will not only learn but be encouraged.