Why is #TargetTori trending on Twitter leaving a journalist red-faced?

Target employee who was Twitter-shamed by a journalist gets a vacation thanks to a gofundme page for #TargetTori

A Target manager who was tweet-shamed by a journalist is trending for all the right reasons. Netizens believe that she deserves a vacation after dealing with the tricky customer, David Leavitt.

Twitter has been trending with comments since last week after Leavitt decided to attack Tori Perotti while he was trying to buy an electric toothbrush. Manager Perotti didn't back down from her stance while Leavitt attacked her through petty comments on Twitter.

Leavitt, who is blocked by the US president himself, is said to be a multimedia journalist with experience in CBS, AXS, Yahoo, Examiner and several others.

gofundme page for #TargetTori
gofundme page for #TargetTori Twitter/ @Im_Preplexed

Electric brush for a penny

The incident unfolded after Leavitt noticed an electric toothbrush that was supposedly being sold for a penny. According to a picture posted by the journalist, the price tag read 'display' which went unnoticed by the man. He decided to call the manager and ask for the product to be sold at the amount displayed. When Perotti denied that the price was a penny, Leavitt took to Twitter to slam the manager for not selling it to him.

But netizens had other ideas. The tweet went viral and people picked Perotti's side because of the accusations and unreasonable comments made by Leavitt.

He later called the police and filed a complaint stating that the company had to sell the product as per the display charges, but Leavitt wasn't looking closely at the images.

One image that Leavitt took led netizens to believe that he was wrong in condemning the manager. So, Twitter user @CarpeDonktum started a gofundme page to send Perotti on a vacation.

Twitter reactions so far

Netizens have been reacting to Leavitt's tweets hilariously. Some talked about his attitude while others discussed the good things that people do for each other.

So far the New Year has been good to Perotti. As for Leavitt, he has been struggling to hold onto his followers after his action on a person who has to deal with several Davids in one day.

Target said that they continue to look into this matter while appreciating their hard working employees.