Why did rapper Din Din reject hit show Running Man?

Din Din is a South Korean rapper and specializes in clap music.

Rapper Din Din is quite disheartened to reject monster hit show, Running Man. Although the singer didn't want to turn down the offer, he did due to his prior commitments.

In his recent interaction with Sports Daily, the clap music rapper shared his disappointment. He said: "After rejecting 'Running Man', I was so upset that I had to go out for a drink. At the time, I had a radio scheduled with Park Myung Soo hyung and Jo Sung Mo hyung. I could've postponed, but I didn't think it'd be right to cancel when I already promised to go. That'll be sketchy."

He further added: "Of course, 'Running Man' is an awesome program, but it'll be wrong to cancel another program for it. 'Running Man' might have been offended, but I already made a promise before the offer, and if they really need me, they will call me again later."

Din Din shared that he was very upset after the decision and drank till morning. However, after receiving a call from Yoo Jae Suk , his mood amplified. The singer said that Jae Suk consoled him and made him believe that he took a right decision.

As per the singer, the South Korean comedian and MC of the Nation relayed: "Okay, DinDin. Don't try to chase what's right in your sight. The reason why it resulted in this way is because it wasn't yours in the first place. In this world, you can't just chase the benefits in front of you. You won't be able to last long. Stay righteous. You are doing well right now, and major programs [like 'Running Man'] will come again."

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