Why Penelope Cruz doesn't like being called beautiful?

The 46-year-old star admitted that she feels much more confident about her appearance now than she did when she was younger

Actress Penelope Cruz says she feels "uncomfortable" when someone calls her beautiful. In an interview with Red magazine, the actress shared that she doesn't like having attention drawn to her looks, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"Uncomfortable" when called beautiful

Asked how she feels when she is called beautiful, Cruz said: "Uncomfortable. I don't think of myself in those terms. " The 46-year-old star went on to admit that she feels much more confident about her appearance now than she did when she was younger.

Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz Wikimedia Commons

"I was not too confident (about my looks) but I didn't grow up too focused on them. I wouldn't change the way I feel now for the way I felt when I was 20. There were some insecurities about things that you later realise are not important," she said.

Society still lacks respect for women

Cruz said that she values compliments that come from her children more than any others. "Because you know they are telling the truth," she added. The actress feels the society still shows a lack of respect for women.

"There are too many taboos surrounding women's bodies and I think it equals a big lack of respect. You might be thinking, 'What's the relationship between hormones and respect?' But it's completely related. Words and phrases such as period, postpartum depression, menopause, even today you bring those words up at a dinner table and it makes people nervous," she said.

Career graph always upward

In her 30-year acting career, Penélope Cruz has grown from a true Hollywood star to an award-winning actress with beauty and grace, always with her ever-so-chic style. At 18, Penélope was an example of chic minimalism, and in 1999, she experimented with a scarf-inspired top, straight-leg jeans, and strappy sandals amid denim-dominated days.

Her beauty look was kept natural with a little black dress featuring a single sleeve and paired with a fringe pashmina in the next decade. In her mid-40s, the Spanish actress has become a symbol for sophistication and was offered by the late Karl Lagerfeld to be a Chanel ambassador in 2018.

"It's such an iconic brand and Karl is a genius, and I've been admiring everything he's done since I was a little girl, so it's such a pleasure working with him," she told Women's Wear Daily then.

Whether promoting a new film, presenting at the Oscars, or stepping out to a charity luncheon, Penélope Cruz's immaculate style over the years has vowed many including Kim Kardashian who prefers to emulate her, though in her limited style.

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