Why Mitchell Pardey Aka Meowmoon Is Considered An Authority In The Sector

 Mitchell Pardey

There are many reasons Mitchell Pardey, aka Meowmoon is considered an authority in his sector. Not only does he have a diploma in game design and a degree in cybersecurity, but even at the age of 23, Mitchell Pardy has a lifetime of experience in the NFT field to call upon. The CEO of Meadow Moon has marketed numerous NFT projects and has a heavyweight reputation in the sector. This makes it even more bizarre that the man the industry knows as Meowmoon didn't actively strive for a career in the NFT sector. He was asked to join because those in the know thought he would bring something unique and different to the table.

"The NFT industry sort of found me as opposed to me finding it," explained Mitchell Pardey, reflecting upon his metamorphosis into NFT guru Meowmoon. He added, "It turned out it was something I had an instinct for, and I've never looked back." Pardey may be guilty of underselling his achievement somewhat. In his first four months, the natural-born entrepreneur made a seven-figure sum, and since then, he has been head-hunted to provide market advice for new NFT ventures, is invited to various AMAs, and gives talks on emerging trends in the sector.

Yet, it's Mitchell Pardey's most recent venture that looks set to be his most exciting. It will consolidate, once and for all, his undisputed authority in the NFT sector. Pardey explained, "Meadow Moon is a game we are creating for the NFT space that will be accessible to play on mint. We are particularly excited about it, not only because of the big names involved in its development but also because it contains many features and methods guaranteed to delight holders without needing an inflationary utility token. It's all being kept under wraps for now, but expect a big reveal in about two to three months when we release it to the public."

With a portfolio that includes Artificial Intelligence Club, PxQuest, and Phantom Network, Mitchell Pardey has summoned all his experience to make Meadow Moon a game to remember and one which looks set to establish his authority even further afield.

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