Why Miss to Mrs Box is Taking over America

 Miss to Mrs Box

There are so many bridal box services out there and Miss to Mrs. Box does a great job standing out. Most bridal box services offer very bland packages but this is not the case for them. They have so many customers from North America, Australia, and the U.K who are obsessed with their boxes. They come with very helpful tools but that's not the only eye catching thing. Customers are more attracted by the many themes they have and how they try to create a perfectly tailored box for every customer. Here are some of the Miss To Mrs. Box themes that customers can not get enough of.

1) Keep Calm And Plan On!

There is no surprise that this theme is a favourite. It is made to come in handy when wedding planning has started to get a bit too stressful and some relaxation time is needed. It has items to help you pamper yourself while planning. Some items that can be included in this box are such as kimono robes, hair towels, relaxation products such as massage oils, spa products and so many other items that can help you cool down and have fun.

2) It's Party Time!

Whether you are planning a bachelorette party or just need a party before your wedding this theme is perfect for you. Many people these days are party animals and I guess that is why this box is loved by so many. Honestly, I would want a party too if I was getting married so this theme and box is very essential. It comes with party essentials such as cake toppers, photo booth props and so many other amazing party supplies and decorations.

3) Classy and Fabulous.

This theme is a very good one. It is all about all the fancy stuff that comes in with a wedding. From Tiaras to hairpins and diadems, this theme is about all that. The products in this theme will help you figure out what looks you would prefer for your wedding before picking the perfect and final one. Some items that you might receive with this theme are such as manicures, makeup essentials, and bridal hair accessories.

4) Maximum romance.

All the hopeless romantics are obsessed with this box theme. It is made for when you need a break from all the planning and just wants to go out and have a romantic time with the love of your life. It contains so many items that can help you plan a nice and romantic date. Some of the items that can be included in this box are such as candles, wine glasses, sensual

teasers and so many more. It is hard not to like this theme because love is what the wedding is about anyway.

All of their boxes are beyond amazing. Some of the themes that we have not mentioned but you might like are honeymooners, Wedding day essentials, Let's Plan This!, Ultimate Bridal Swag, and Sweating for the wedding.