Why Meghan Markle will not give birth at Royals' most preferred hospital, Lindo Wing

Meghan Markle at the Royal Variety Performance
Meghan Markle at the Royal Variety Performance Kensignton Palace via Instagram

The British royal family has so far chosen the ultra-luxe maternity ward of the Lindo Wing. The likes of Princess Anne, Princess Diana and and Princess Catherine have delivered their babies here.

Now that Meghan Markle is three or four months away from her due date, sources have not confirmed yet if she will be visiting the royal family's go-to maternity ward for delivery.

However, royal correspondent Victoria Murphy told Town&Country: "Until they make an announcement, we don't know."

The Lindo Wing, which has enjoyed the confidence of the royal family for quite some time, is not being preferred at all, raising quite some eyebrow. "What the palace officials have to take into consideration is [the danger of] disrupting day-to-day services of hospitals and maternity wards," Murphy explains.

The Lindo wing does give them privacy but, privacy is not the only point of concern. As Town&Country has found out from an unnamed source, there are no other hospitals that can provide privacy, security and world-class medical care. "The wing "has unmatched amenities and is probably the most 'luxurious' hospital in the U.K," the source said.

And if you're wondering about the luxury, here is what they offer. "Every room has a personal bathroom, specialist menus like you would receive in a hotel, massages, WiFi," the source continues. "The hospital has a large intensive care unit for complicated births. Most importantly, the Lindo Wing has the history of delivering a number of royal children, and a proven ability to successfully handle the press and public, while putting the royal families' privacy first, have given them the comfort level to return time and again."

So, why will Meghan Markle not deliver at the Lindo wing?

ITV has reported that the couple is slated to relocate to their newly renovated Frogmore Cottage home in March, around the time the Duchess is expected to deliver.

The residence in Windsor has other hospitals around there, like the Frimley Park Hospital. And the hospital has been used by the royal family. Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, delivered Lady Louise Windsor there in in 2003. She had a medical emergency and the hospital did rise up to the occasion and save her and the baby's life.

Other sources have tried to indicate that Meghan Markle would prefer to not follow in the footsteps of Kate Middleton, who delivered in the Lindo mall. "I think it's almost certain now that she won't follow in her sister-in-law's footsteps and give birth at the Lindo Wing," Duncan Larcombe, the royal commentator told Town&Country.

He further adds that this is a piece of prime evidence that indicates how Kate and Meghan do not share a healthy relationship.

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