Why Kareena Kapoor will not be back on social media after one-day Instagram fame

The first insta click from the gorgeous actress was a perfect scintillating 'Pout

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, who has kept herself away from the temptation of owning a social media account, finally decided to blow away the resistance.

The actress, who was recently seen in the movie Ki and Ka, collaborated with Vogue India to be the Insta queen for a day. The 35-year-old actress was shooting for Lakme, where she took over the magazine's social media account and posted all the juicy happenings during the shoot.

Although Kareena is not used to social media postings, the first insta click from the gorgeous actress saw a perfect scintillating 'Pout' with the caption showing off her excitement, " Hello, Vogue's Insta crew! My first steps into social media today, can't wait for all your digi love! #KareenaKapoorKhanForVogue" the tagline read.

Taking a baby step further, after an hour the pretty actress posted a picture of beautifully cut fruits which according to her is a mandate food for shoot.

Adding on, Bebo instagrammed yet another selfie, a picture of her ongoing shoot makeup and also showed her alluring coral gown.

At around 5 PM IST, Ms Khan bid adieu to her one-day Instalife with a bowl full of popcorns.

While the actress is not a social media addict, she did a pretty good job as a first timer.

Meanwhile, Kareena's insta life was short lived, and she doesn't have any plans to join the social club anytime soon. In many of her early interviews, Kareena has given us direct instances of her social media disliking.

"Earlier, there was respect for the actor but now I don't see such respect among people. In past, people used to get desperate to get one glimpse of their favorite actors, but now celebrities themselves put their bathroom pictures and too many weird pictures on social media", the actress told IANS in her recent interview.