Why Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were in a rush to tie the knot?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Justin Bieber/Instagram

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin surprised their fans when reports of the couple tying the knot had surfaced across social media. It was barely just over two months between their engagement and marriage, that had everyone wondering if there was a 'special' reason that had them racing to the altar.

Hollywood Life has reportedly found the exact reason why Bieber (24) and Baldwin (21) were in a hurry to become husband and wife. A source revealed to the publication that the couple took a vow to abstain from sex before marriage.

"The real reason Justin and Hailey were in a rush to get married is because they had recently taken a vow of celibacy to honour their spiritual beliefs and they were anxious for intimacy. Justin was convinced Hailey was the one when she agreed to abstain from sex until after marriage," said the insider.

The source further revealed, "They were both running out of patience and really wanted to be together, so they just went for it. They both felt the whole thing was incredibly romantic and they could not wait any longer."

Bieber and Baldwin headed to a courthouse in New York on September 13 to apply for a marriage license and decided to tie the knot on the spot. While the newlyweds haven't confirmed nor denied their marriage, a buzz is that they are planning to have a religious wedding ceremony and celebration with family and friends soon.

Reports claim that the wedding will take place at Justin's native city of Ontario, Canada where he recently bought a $5 million home on a sprawling 100 acres. On the other hand, according to The Cut, Hailey revealed that she'd love Justin's 10-year-old half-sister Jazymn as her flower-girl and confirmed that her own older sister Alaia will be her bridesmaid.

It appears that Hailey and Justin are keen to start a family without any delay. A source had recently revealed to Hollywood Life, "Justin and Hailey are now enjoying an amazing love life together. Justin can't wait to be a dad and Hailey is totally open to putting her career on hold for a pregnancy."

"She loves Justin with all her heart and now that they are married, she really wants to be the mother of his baby. They are having lots of sex and a baby could be right around the corner," added the insider.