Why Jung Joon Young may not catch Pokemon anymore?

Jung Joon Young drove all the way to Skocho to catch Pokemon.

South Korean singer-songwriter, Jung Joon Young, might not wander on streets catching Pokémon again. The avid gamer, who drove all the way to Skocho, is reportedly done with the highly anticipated Pokémon Go game.

In a recent guest interview on SBS Love FM Unnie's Radi, the 27-year-old affirmed that he would not wish to capture little creatures for the game again. When asked if he is going back to Skocho to show his love for the Pokemons, the radio DJ replied: "I'm not going [to Sokcho] anymore. I went to catch Pokemon, but I felt like I became a Pokemon. People were catching me."

As per reports, Young became the centre of attraction when he arrived in the city. The fans, who got to know about the singer's arrival from his Instagram account, swarmed like bees to have a glimpse of their multitalented idol. As a result, the singer was forced to entertain his fans rather than making his Pokémon dream come true.

Young, who is a gaming freak, shared his desire to become a Pokémon master previously. He wrote on his social media account: "I would always be asked this kind of question for interviews..'What's your goal for the year?'..And I'd always give the typical answer that I want to live a healthy life but now I've gleaned my true answer to that question..I..will become a Pokémon master.