Why Jessica Jung wouldn't recommend 'Girl Group Band' as a career for girls

Jung says it is tough to compete and stand out in the industry.

As a former girl group member herself, Jessica Jung does not vouch for the idea of participating in an all-girl band. The songstress believes that the success of a band depends on luck, and if given a chance, she would not let her future daughter to pursue this field.

Jung, who recently released her first solo album 'With Love, J', has been making quite a ripple around the music industry. In one of her promotional interviews, when asked to share her thoughts about rookie and upcoming girl bands, the 27-year-old told Allkpop: "If later on, my daughter wants to be in a girl group, then I think I am going to oppose."

Jung added that it is tough to compete and stand out in the industry, where there are umpteen singers to compete with.

She told TV Report: "It's hard becoming a member of a girl group among so many competitors. You have to have luck and also need to work hard. I was in Girls' Generation because of luck, and fortunately, Girls' Generation received a lot of love. I would want to help my daughter walk a different career path."