Why Hwang Jung Eum hesitated to kiss Ryu Joon Yeol?

The actress revealed that she want to four have kids, but not so soon.

The much appreciated romantic-comedy drama, Lucky Romance, has ended, but the incredible chemistry between Hwang Jung Eum and actor Ryu Joon Yeol still lives in our hearts. The duo, without any doubt, presented an incredible drama with their real applaud worthy performances.

In contrast to their lovey-dovey image on screen, Jung Eum recently revealed that she sees Joon Yeol more like a brother. The newlywed actress then disclosed that she never wanted to kiss the Reply 1988 actor. She said: "If I were to be frank, I went to the director and told him that I didn't want to do a kiss scene with Ryu Joon Yeol. I said, 'I can't with him. He and I are brother and sister." The pair's kissing scene were apparently quite popular during the show's running.

Talking about the lip locking scenes, the 29-year-old actor once told that Jung Eum used to make him comfortable during the intimate scenes. "I was nervous about the kiss scenes, but Hwang Jung Eum took the lead for me.She has a lot of experience with filming, so she knows well how to take care of the other male lead. I filmed it with such gratitude," the actor previously relayed.

Meanwhile, the former lead vocalist of K-pop girl group Sugar, also talked about her family plans. Jung Eum, who married pro-golfer and businessman Lee Young Don in February revealed that she want to have kids, but not so soon. " I want to enjoy newlywed life for now, but I want to have 4 kids later," the 31 year old relayed on the July 30th episode of Entertainment Relay.