Why Hilary Duff harbours a guilt complex over daughter's birth

The 32-year-old American actress Duff welcomed Banks, her daughter with husband Matthew Koma, in 2018

Actress Hilary Duff has been struggling with a guilt complex after bringing her newborn daughter into son Luca's life.

Duff welcomed Banks, her daughter with husband Matthew Koma, in 2018. She says the new addition to the family took a little getting used to for her seven-year-old son Luca, reports aceshowbiz.com. Luca is Duff's son from her former husband, Mike Comrie.

Duff stated that situation was amplified by heightened emotions

hilary duff
Instagram/ Hilary Duff

"The guilt that I felt for bringing her into the world was so big. It was just he and I for so long that he was like, 'Why... Why would you do this? I really just love the way it is'. It wasn't bratty; it was just so sad. I was like, 'How do I reverse this? It's too late now'," Duff told Us Weekly. Duff says her situation was amplified by the heightened emotions she experienced during pregnancy.

"It's such big feelings. When you're pregnant, everything just feels more magnified." She says that her son has adjusted to the arrival of Banks. "It's the best. It's a chemical reaction between siblings sometimes, where he knows he has to protect her... It's really sweet the way he looks out for her. But also, sometimes I'm like, 'Hey, I did OK with you. I promise I know what I'm doing'," she said.