Why is Hariprasad K an inspiration to engineers who want to step in the world of Finance?

Hariprasad K

Belonging to a place where thousands of engineering students graduate every year, he felt the pressure to make use of the field to the best of his abilities. Ever since his school days, he has been eagerly curious about the profession that he happens to practice today. With interest and knowledge, he used to collect sample data to study stocks, shares, and the working of the stock market. He surrounded himself with friends who would share this mutual interest and help him to know more about the concept of share market. His college days were similar to that of others- exploring opportunities, hanging out with friends, and trying to focus on career. Like others, he too faced the wrath of expectations that came his way.

In a phase where an individual has so much going on in mind, one has to be focused on some facets of life that need most of the attention. One facet among these is a career. It is often said that most of the students are only able to determine what they want to achieve in their lives after get into college. Yet in Hari Prasad's case, his college served as the mere medium of taking him closer to his dream job. An alumnus of VIT, Vellore, he still reflects on his college days where he probably had one of the best times of his life. By getting into a reputed institution, he paved his way to success and stepped on to the ladder towards the realization of his dreams. An inspiration to the students of his college, he truly is a role model and has set a benchmark that despite the pressure that Engineer students go through, one can build the road to success with determination and dedication.

Being a celebrated name of the finance sector, Hariprasad K , CEO of Livelong Wealth, wishes to share his own experiences, challenges, setbacks, and moments of happiness that have brought him here. From multiple thoughts at a time to a single goal strategy, he independently owns the success that engineering and finance have together made him achieve.

By putting his ideas and enthusiasm out there, he made the best use of the opportunities that came his way and ultimately became an inspiration for those wanting to do the same. Perhaps he proved the saying that no one has to stick to the field that he or she steps in to. One can be a medical aspirant, and still, be able to achieve so much in some other field. Thereby individuals who tend to still get mayhem in their mind regarding career opportunities and professional lives, have got to remember that life comes as you take it. With confidence and courage in their inner selves, one can always achieve the unexpected and be the hero of their own life.

This article was first published on August 17, 2020