Why Does Digital Thought leader Raktim Feel That Companies Need to Focus on Technology as well as Culture while Doing Digital Transformation?

Raktim Singh

Digital Transformation (DT) is the buzzword that we get to hear often in the recent past. Many businesses have jumped on to the bandwagon successfully, while there are many others that are still in the course of the DT journey. It's not just an IT initiative but more of a phenomenon that is on top of mind for businesses across all sectors and industries. Leading digital thought leaders from around the world have been helping businesses get through this journey successfully.

Raktim Singh is one such reputed digital thought leader who has been helping business leaders enable DT across every facet of customer experience. Besides being a thought leader, he is also an author, coach, and mentor.

Raktim's Perspective of Digital Transformation

According to Raktim, businesses have to focus on both technology and mindset or culture while going through digital transformation. It takes a lot more than technology when you try to digitally transform your business. It's more about undergoing transformation to give a digital experience to customers.

Raktim says that the major change has taken place in terms of 'How' of doing the business. The 'What' part has remained the same (for instance, reading books, watching movies, or ordering groceries). However, it's the 'How' part that has undergone a transformation. Now, people read books on Kindle, watch movies on Netflix, and order groceries online on portals like Amazon or Big Basket.

The Real Digital Experience

Presently, it's FAAAN (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Netflix) companies providing the real digital experience. People are able to use these services at any place and at any time. Moreover, all these services are completely personalized.

Before businesses set out on the DT journey, they have to solve the WISE challenges (W – know your WHY, I – Integration with the ecosystem, S – Silos in the organization, E – Environment & Cultural aspect).

Once these problems are resolved, they have to implement the ACID formula (Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Internet of Things, Data). Raktim also explains the concepts of Agile mindset, Learning organization, Digital Anthropology, and the power of subconscious mind.

Future-Proofing Digital Transformation

Raktim feels that it is important to future-proof digital transformation and to achieve that, one needs to understand the subconscious mind. Digital Anthropology plays a significant role in this aspect. Our next evolution will happen, based on the new habits formed by the digital world. The FAAAN companies have understood this correctly. Many of us have formed new habits and these habits are now residing in our subconscious mind. Earlier, we used to ask friends/fellow travelers to click our photos. Now, we want to take Selfies & post this on social media, immediately. Also, our subconscious mind forces us to keep on checking the status, likes, updates of our social media posts.

Raktim Singh, the author of Amazon's best-selling book on digital transformation, has been a key contributor in helping several businesses through the successful DT process. His high level of persistence, consistency, and dedication has gone a long way in making him the successful digital thought leader that he is today.