Why did thousands of protesters turn up for 'Run Against Dictatorship' marathon in Thailand?

Protesters rally together in Thailand for a 'Run against Dictatorship' with 13,000 marathon runners being a part of the rally

People gathered in Suan Rot Fai park in Chatuchak, a northern Bangkok suburb to run against the military-led government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. The run organised by the opposition parties and political activists had demonstrators wearing their running gear with slogans about the 'run against dictatorship'.

The demonstrators were wearing gear that had remarks about the present government. The protest was a four-kilometre run which symbolized the citizens chasing out 'uncle Tu', the Prime Minister of the country.

Protest in Bangkok
Protest in Bangkok, Thailand Pixabay

The student-led protest was asking for a fair system of governance

General Prayut Chan-o-cha came into power in May 2014 after a bloodless coup and won the general elections in March last year. He had overthrown the democratically elected Yingluck Shinawatra government in 2014. His leadership continued because of the pro-military Palang Pracharath Party nominating him and the Senate voting him in.

According to the Straits Times, the students were coming together to voice their frustration against the government and not to topple the regime. The protests questioned the general election polls and the functioning fairness of the present government. The present regime has moved in ways to silence their opposition as well.

Citizens flew in for the rally

After the pro-democracy protests in China, the rest of the South East Asian countries are inspired to move towards freedom. The run asked the 'uncle' to remove himself from the stage and give way to better governance. The slogans had cheeky comments like 'we don't hate the country, we just hate you' and 'sick of the uncle'.

The citizens feel that the pro-military is able to whatever they want while the pro-democracy side is restricted in their actions. Several of the protesters said that since the coup the system has been unfair. The Future Forward Party is presently facing dissolution in court next week.

As the protesters came together on one side there was the spoiler rally by the pro-military demonstrators on the other side in Lumpini Park. The pro-democracy demonstrators feel that there have been no economic development since the Uncle Tu government came into power. People flew in from Bangkok to support the pro-democracy rally.