Why Chaeyoung is carrying English books on her daily schedules? Truth revealed

Chaeyoung is actively learning and developing her English language skills.

Chaeyoung is ambitious to learn English. Pinterest

Chaeyoung of girl band TWICE is making dedicated efforts to learn English and is gradually developing her language skills. The singer's fans can't stop themselves from admiring the dedication and zeal with which she is learning the language.

However, Chaeyoung has always expressed her love for the language, English. She has also referred multiple times about her interest in learning the language and how much she wants to learn about the intrinsic nitty gritties of English language. The talented rapper is recently grabbing a lot of attention for following her dream of developing her English language skills.

And now when she is actively trying to improve and build her English speaking and writing skills, her fans are overwhelmed to see her dedicated efforts. The artist's fans are actually praising Chaeyoung's efforts to develop her language skills as she was spotted multiple times carrying her English book to her practice schedules.

Recently, the girl group has been extremely busy in promoting their recent song without any break but Chaeyoung never recognised any obstacles between her and her favourite language and continued to learn and develop her English language skills.

As she has always been known for her ambition for learning the language and as reported by Koreaboo, her fellow member of TWICE Nayeon has also confirmed that Chaeoyoung is seriously learning English. Reported facts also state that Chaeyoung has been using English since TWICE's pre-debut show 'Sixteen'.

This article was first published on February 19, 2017