Why Being Courageous and Having Those 'Hard Conversations' Will Make or Break Your Business, According to Leadership Development Coach David Deane-Spread

David Deane

As much as we all want to believe that life is full of 'good vibes', there are also plenty of challenging times and hard decisions that need to be made on the journey towards success. Working through problems and developing effective solutions while also guarding against future issues are essential for achieving victory for your project or goal.

Especially when it comes to being a leader; with the responsibility of your team's performance falling on you, it's up to you to ensure that every member is on the same page and working towards your shared goal with everything they've got and dealing with the inevitable road bumps that pop up.

People admire leaders who are mindful and committed to not only their mission, but the teams they watch over. Leaders who are able to delegate effectively based on their team's strengths and resolve any dysfunctional workplace that arise are the ones that see their teams flourishing and their goals being kicked.

Leadership is a combination of skills that need to be developed, honed and exercised in order to be effective, and expert leadership coach David Deane-Spread believes that truly effective leaders "possess the courage and skills to have those 'hard conversations' that will make or break your business".

Courage means acting in the face of fear. You might be fearful of disrupting the workflow of your team. You may be concerned about growing unease or resentment when trying to deal with negative workplace behaviours, or realigning your team to be on course. What would be worse is letting an unproductive and dysfunctional situation fester by being mishandled or avoided by an incompetent leader.

Then there's the skills needed to have those hard conversations. How do you start the conversation? How do you conduct the conversation without causing emotions to spill over - your and theirs? How do you gain agreement to make the changes needed?

Effective leaders learn, practice and prepare to have what it takes to navigate these challenging scenarios and arrive with a focused and productive team beside them.

David is the director of Metattude, the training ground for powerful leadership where they utilize David's proprietary techniques to develop effective leaders that display mastery of attitudinal competence and go on to successfully lead teams and promote positive, productive skill sets in members across their organization. David has personally trained over 150 CEOs and leadership teams, and confidently guarantees a 20% performance increase within 90 days for businesses with between 30-200 staff members, whose leaders apply David's methods and processes.

David has seen first-hand the suffering that poor leadership can inflict on your workers, your goals and ultimately your revenue, and has dedicated his life to teaching behaviours and techniques that not only create great leaders but improve your quality of life as a whole. He even wrote a book titled "Master the Power of your Attitudes" which helps people take control over their behaviours and work towards becoming conscientious leaders. "I coach proprietary methods that involve working exclusively with leadership and executive teams to ensure they're empowered and emboldened to replicate with their own staff." David explains, "I developed this method to strengthen your attitudinal competence because not only is it essential for your own personal growth, it's guaranteed to positively impact your working culture."

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