Why Actor Kang Ha Neul has given Lee Joon Ki a princely title?

Scarlet Heart will air on Sony's Korean entertainment, Channel One, at 9PM in Singapore

The handsome Eighth Prince of Scarlet Heart: Goryeo, Kang Ha Neul, wants to fully sink in into the nerves of his character. The 26-year-old actor, who will reprise the princely feel in the Korean adaptation of the show, revealed that he glued his eyes into the original drama until the true feel of the character comprehended.

The Angel Eyes actor told Straitstimes: "I wanted to get the general feel of the storyline and what the original drama is about. At the end of the day, I wanted to make the Eighth Prince character my own. I took the drama as a reference and invested more time into interpreting the character." Ha Neul also revealed that his portrayal in the adaptation is gentler as compared to the Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng, who played the Eight Prince in the original series.

Meanwhile, the young actor also shared the princely characters of other royalties being played by famous actors. When asked to choose the most prince like person in real life from the drama, the actor instantly named the lead Lee Joon Ki: "He was already a big star before Scarlet Heart, and I used to watch his shows and admire him. Thanks to Joon Ki's fans, the rest of the cast got to enjoy a lot of sumptuous meals and other gifts, so yeah, I call him Prince Lee Joon Ki!" Ha Neul shared in an exclusive interview with Toggle.

Scarlet Heart: Goryeo , which is set to go air on 29th August, has been inspired by a Chinese web novel and drama. It will be a period drama which is set in Korea's Goryeo Dynasty, but with a modern 21st-century twist.