Who is Zac Kriegman? Reuters Allegedly Fires Data Scientist Who Uncovered 'Lies' of Black Lives Matter Movement

Zac Kriegman, the former data scientist at Reuters, was terminated from service for sharing the data stating that US cops have killed more unarmed white people than black people under the garb of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Kriegman had shared the details of the data on the company's internal social media platform so as to bring the truth out in open. He had stated that "Black Lives Matter" (BLM) had been wrongfully used by pressure groups for their vested interests.

Lambasting the politicians, a section of social media followers has stated that it was unfortunate that the cops were portrayed as the "perpetrators of crime against black people". Whereas, in reality, the unarmed and innocent white people were targeted and killed to prove that U.S. stands with the black people, added the followers.

Zac Kriegman

Is BLM a part of dirty vote bank politics?

The information has created a tumult on internet as people are venting their anger against the politicians who they say have played a dirty vote bank politics under the garb of "Black Lives Matter" movement.

BLM is responsible for the deaths of thousands of white people which can't be justified in a civilized society, expressed some of the social media followers. They also stated that U.S. stands for equality and discrimination on the basis of caste, color, race was unacceptable.

A report published by the Daily Mail stated that fatal police shootings had killed as many as 3,024 white people as compared to 1,596 black people in various incidents since 2015. The report further stated that following his claims, Kriegman was subjected to backlash and was ridiculed by his co-workers.

The social media followers, while extending support to Kriegman, stated that a cop using force against a black man/woman in the line of duty is tagged as a "racist" which is uncalled for. This gives undue advantage to the criminals who use "color" as their weapon to get into altercation with the cops, the followers added.

Venting his resentment, a twitter user wrote: "We must support scientists such as Zac Kriegman persecuted by Reuters a MSM propaganda mill for proving the criminal fraud of BLM supported by fraudulent "hate crimes" laws by the corrupt Dems of the US and its client poodle the UK."

"How organizational adoption of BLM and DEI ideology led to degradation of truthful reporting about crime and violence patterns and diverted attention from arriving at solutions and saving lives, by Zac @kriegman", shared another twitter user.

A tweet read, "(This is) "the story of Zac Kriegman, who, until not so long ago, was a director of data science at Thomson Reuters. Kriegman's crime? Questioning the Black Lives Matter narrative." Another good read on the Bari Weiss Substack."