Who is Weng Sor? Elderly U-Haul Driver Who Mowed Down 8 People in Brooklyn Suffers From Mental Illness; Tells Cops He Wants to Die

Eight people were mowed down at separate locations after a U-Haul driver went on a rampage in Brooklyn on Monday. The driver, identified as 62-year-old Weng Sor, is reported to have a history of mental illness.

Weng Sor
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Video Shows Sor's Crazed Rampage as he Tries to Mow Down Pedestrian

A video showing Sor trying to mow down a pedestrian has surfaced on social media. It shows the white colored U-Haul truck racing towards the sidewalk as it bangs into parked cars before hitting a motorist. A pedestrian is seen jumping out of its way before the truck moves away with a police car in chase.

The New York Post reported that Sor, a homeless man, went off the rails in Bay Ridge during the rampage which lasted for 30-minutes. Speaking to the outlet, police sources said that 62-year-old had been living out of the van used in the crime. "Shoot me! I'm not stopping," Sor told the cops were trying to pull him over. After he was arrested, Sor told the officers he "wanted to die."

According to NBC New York, Sor rented the truck in Daytona Beach, Florida, on January 23, and was arrested in February in South Carolina "for reckless driving and released on bail."

Family Calls Sor Crazy, Unfit for

It isn't the first time Sor had a brush with law. The 62-year-old stabbed his brother in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2015 following which he served about 17 years in jail. In 2020 he was sentenced to nearly a year in the county jail for stabbing a man during a scuffle. He also underwent months of psychiatric evaluation, reported the outlet.

Terming Sor as a crazy man, his brother in law Daryl Singer said that the 62-year-old is a schizophrenic. "I always said he's probably going to kill himself one day, that's the way I saw it. He just doesn't know how to lead a normal life."

"I'm not surprised by any of this. He belongs in an institution for the rest of his life... tied to the bed, away from everybody. Because he might freak out. He might just kill somebody," Singer added.