Who Was Valentine Broeksmit? Deutsche Bank Whistleblower Mysteriously Found Dead at Los Angeles School

Valentin Broeksmit, a whistleblower linked to Deutsche Bank, has been found dead at a Los Angeles school. His body was found early morning on the campus of Woodrow Wilson High School, Los Angeles, on Monday. Broeksmit, 45, helped the federal agents investigate the ties between the Deutsche Bank and former President Donald Trump.

Officials have not found the cause of his death so far and his autopsy report is also still pending. They are investigating the case as undetermined death and do not see any foul play in the death.

Valentine Broeksmit
Valentine Broeksmit Twitter

Deutsche Bank Had Deep Ties With Russia

Broeksmit's stepfather, William Broeksmit, was an executive at Deutsche Bank. He had committed suicide in 2014. Broeksmit had previously shared details with NYT and some journalists that underlined the deep connection between Deutsche Bank and Russia, according to NBC News.

Investigative journalist Scott Stedman, who had received Deutsche bank's details from Broeksmit, revealed that the last time he spoke with Broeksmit was in January.

"My friend Val Broeksmit was found dead today. He was 46. He supplied me and other journalists with Deutsche Bank documents that highlighted the bank's deep Russia connections. It is very sad. I don't suspect foul play. Val struggled with drugs on and off. Waiting on further info," said Stedman in a tweet on Tuesday.

The House Intelligence Committee had also subpoenaed Broeksmit when they were investigating the links between Trump and Deutsche Bank.

Broeksmit had shared hundreds of documents with the FBI in 2019 when the agency was investigating illegal activity by the Deutsche Bank and its ties with Trump. He received these details after gaining access to his father's emails following his death.

Broeksmit also supplied the documents to journalists and others, including Fusion GPS, the research firm linked to an unverified dossier about Trump, and investigators with the FBI's New York office, according to The New York Times.

Broeksmit, who had a history of drug abuse, had an aim to become a well-known whistleblower.

He was allowed by the FBI to publicly identify himself as a cooperating witness in a federal criminal investigation.

When Was Broeksmit Last Seen?

Los Angeles police have revealed that Broeksmit was last seen on April 6, 2021, when he was driving a red Mini Cooper on Riverside Drive. Later his relatives reported that Broeksmit was gone missing. Officials had found the car but Broeksmit was missing.

But he was constantly active on his Twitter handle. On April 5, Broeksmit had made a tweet and posted a picture of himself.

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