Who Was Sativa Transue? Boyfriend of Washington Woman Arrested after Beating Her to Death During Cancun Trip

Transue had an argument with Allen the night earlier following which she was beaten to death in her hotel room.

Police have arrested a 31-year-old man in Mexico after he murdered his girlfriend by "beating her to a bloody pulp" in their Cancun hotel room during the Thanksgiving weekend after drinking on their sun loungers. Sativa Transue, 26, from Washington was found dead in her hotel room at the $200-a-night, all inclusive All Ritmo Resort by a maid on Saturday.

She was holidaying with her boyfriend of three years, Taylor Allen, 31, who is now facing homicide charges for brutally beating her death and dumping her in the room. According to a Daily Mail report, the couple had an argument followed by a wild fight leading to the gruesome murder.

Horrifying Death

Sativa Transue
Sativa Transue Facebook

According to the outlet, Transue's body was discovered by a maid in the hotel on Saturday following which she called 911 to report an unconscious woman. The couple had an argument the night earlier. According to the Mexican police, Transue was killed on Friday night itself. Her boyfriend, Allen, had been drinking and allegedly beat her to death, reported Law & Crime.

The motive has not yet been ascertained. According to reports, on Friday night, Transue had texted friends telling she had an argument with her boyfriend and that she needed stitches. At some point, she went quiet and friends became so concerned for her wellbeing that they called the police. However, they couldn't reach her.

Sativa Transue with her boyfriend Taylor Allen
Sativa Transue with her boyfriend Taylor Allen Instagram

The next morning she was dead. Her family was informed around 9 am by Mexican authorities that Transue had died. Her mother, Jayme Bolieu, said her daughter looked like she had been "beaten to a bloody pulp" when authorities found her.

Following that Allen was arrested. However, it is still not know how, where and when was he arrested. Tansue's family only came to know about Aleen's involvement in the murder of their daughter after the Mexican police tweeted his photo in their station wearing a hotel robe.

"The Quintana Roo Attorney General's Office reports that they have detained a man of foreign nationality, a probable participant in the femicide of a woman," according to a statement by Mexico's Attorney General's Office, the Riviera Maya News reported.

Family Trying to Find Answers

Sativa Transue
Sativa Transue Instagram

Tansue's grief-stricken family is now trying to find answers to what went wrong between the couple that led to her death and that too in the most gruesome manner. They are now trying to make arrangements to fly her body home, but it is being held by the authorities pending further investigation.

Transue had previously told her friends and her sister that Allen had a violent 'beast' within him that emerged when he was drinking. That said, not everything was fine between Transue and Allen on the trip.

Sativa Transue with her boyfriend Taylor Allen
Sativa Transue with her boyfriend Taylor Allen Instagram

Sativa's sister Mykayla Bolieu told The Daily Beast: "She was enjoying the sunshine and her trip was going okay, but not the best, because they [Sativa and her boyfriend] were fighting." And before Bolieu could do anything her sister was dead.

Her death has left her entire family devastated. "How could my beautiful healthy daughter be gone? In another country? It took my breath away. A part of me died. She was my baby. I had her at 16. We grew up together. She was my life, my reason for living, my best friend," he mother said.

Sativa Transue with her boyfriend Taylor Allen
Sativa Transue with her boyfriend Taylor Allen Instagram

According to Bolieu, Transue was a vibrant person. After graduating from Eastern Washington University with a degree in exercise science, Transue moved to Milton, Washington, east of Tacoma. That's where she was living at the time she left for Cancun with her boyfriend. She had plans to become a massage therapist.

Transue was active as a kid growing up in Cheney, Bolieu said. Her athleticism saw her excel in basketball, softball and volleyball, and she was an avid hiker, boater and snowboarder. Even as a kid, Transue would spend most of her time outside, "adventuring," Bolieu said.

Transue's mother Jayme said that Allen was "very emotionally abusive" and that they could not text her because he checked her phone or accessed her messages from a computer.

Court records showed Allen had previously been arrested for assault in 2012.