Who was Marc Bennett? Did Qatar Secret Police Kill British National Working With Qatar Airways? Horrific Details of Torture in Detention Emerge

Marc Bennett, 52, a British national working with Qatar Airways, died following detention by secret police. His friends have recounted the horrific story dating back to 2019 when Bennett was arrested from the head office of Qatar Airways and was tortured by being stripped naked, blasted with high pressure hoses and slammed against walls.

Three weeks after his ordeal in the prison Bennett was found hanging in his hotel room. Marc Bennett's wife Nancy Bennett had refused outright to believe that her husband committed suicide.

It is learnt that Bennett was hired by the Airways to improve tourism in the country prior to the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Marc Bennett

Did Qatar Airways Authorities Mastermind Bennett's Arrest?

His former colleagues also stated that he was picked up by the police after he resigned from Qatar Airways following a job offer that he had accepted from a Saudi Travel Firm. They also stated that Company higher-ups had taken this personally and found Bennett's decision insulting.

Even after being released from the prison, he was placed under surveillance and was ordered not to leave the country.

A report published by the Arab News stated that Bennett was released on November 2, the day a UN legal team was due to visit Qatar for a survey of the country's detention centers following allegations of human rights abuses.

The UN team was denied access to the facility where Bennett was held. Also, Bennett was left at a hotel without any documents of his arrest. A Qatari coroner ruled Bennett's death as suicide. However, a report by British medical examiner stated that there was no specific evidence of suicidal intent.

His family and friends also refused to accept Bennett's death as suicide adding that there was no suicide note and that he was constantly in touch with his family. He had even communicated with them via video-call before his death.

A large number of social media followers while reacting to the reports have questioned the role of Qatar Airways in the incident. They stated that such an autocratic behavior must be taken seriously by the human rights wing of the United Nations. They also added that such incidents are an act of pure "shame" in the contemporary world. Some of the followers even demanded a proper investigation into the incident.